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Cat Grooming

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Cat’s Mat - It’s a fact!

Whether long hair or short hair, they mat all the same over time.
Their skin is naturally oily which spreads throughout the coat. The greasiness of the coat becomes gummy, the shedding hair sticks to the non shedding hair, which in turn causes a tangle. Soon enough their are several tangles, inevitably the cat’s coat will become an unmanageable matted mess. If the matting becomes so severe the groomer has no other option other than to shave the coat down, allowing the cat’s coat a fresh start.

But to prevent this issue from happening to your cat, which can be painful on both cat and groomer, we can offer you sedation free regular scheduled 6-8 weekly appointments for a degreasing or de-shedding treatment, blow dry and complete comb out.

The great thing about these regular visits to the groomer, is that you won’t find it necessary to comb your cat at home, that means more time petting and loving your cat!
Let’s face it… You don’t want to be the bad guy, leave the dirty work for us.

Does your indoor cat claw at your furniture?
Possibly the brand new couch or the carpet?

We have a fantastic safe solution to the destructive behaviour and damage from your cats long sharp claws.

Introducing Soft Paw Nail Caps!

They come in a range of different colours and last 4-6 weeks. They are funky and also very purposeful. The fact they are non-toxic, painless and completely humane, what’s stopping you from saving your furniture today?