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Got Questions? We've got answers
How long will it take to groom my pet?

We like to allow for 2 hours, depending on behaviour, size and condition. We will notify you once your pet is completed

Do I need to make an appointment?

Whilst appointments are not necessary they are preferred, just in case we get swamped, we don’t want you or your pooch to miss out!

When are you open?

We don’t do 9-5, we do from 1st client to last client. We are open Saturday’s for bookings and walk in’s can be accepted on the day

Should I toilet my dog before appointment?

Please toilet your dog before appointment (excess cleaning may incur a $5 fee)

When should I book my puppy in for his/her first grooming appointment?

Puppies can be groomed from as little as 3 months

How often should my dog be Washed or Clipped?

A visit to the grooming salon can be from 6-8 weeks for full grooms. We also offer mini grooms, baths and nail clipping in between full grooms

Why use a quality shampoo?

It’s the soft, fluffy, just bathed, fresh smelling professional look you’re after, and only professional products will achieve it.
These products are so advanced they even help to keep them clean, with detanglers and dust preventative you get a better wash and a longer lasting result.

We use PlushPuppy products, World leaders in show dog grooming products - they’re widely used and recommended by professional dog show enthusiasts.  We’ve experienced the results of many products and have found these to give the best result before and ongoing for our clients’ fur babies.  These products are also derived from organic sources, so that’s a win for the environment as well as your best friend.

We stock this range to enable at-home top ups you can do yourself, in-between professional grooming visits.

Best Mates also offers Blueberry Facials for the dog’s, which is a gentle facial wash that cleans dirt and food stained area’s

Stockist of Bochetta Plush Pet Toys

Stockist of Doterra Aromatherapy Oils

Doterra Aromatherapy massage is an extra with mini groom or full groom


$5  Small


 $10 Medium


$12 Large

Cat Grooming (Aroma therapy can be added)

Extra large dogs welcome